Rotary Lift

Bench controls now available for Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts

A new bench controls package from Rotary Lift makes it possible to integrate the operating controls and power unit of a Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lift into workbench systems produced by a number of manufacturers. 

Customers can now choose between three operating controls/power unit configurations for new Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts: bench, pedestal and wall-mounted.               

"Offering a variety of configurations gives our customers the flexibility to design service facilities that best meet their specific needs," explains John Rylee, Rotary Lift director of marketing.

Many customers like bench controls for aesthetic reasons. Housing the power unit and controls in the workbench can give the service department a sleeker, cleaner look. Bench controls can also increase technician convenience, since he or she can stand in one place to both raise the lift and collect the tools needed for the job. The bench controls feature user-friendly one-touch buttons to raise and lower the lift. 

Rotary Lift introduced Shockwave-equipped vehicle lifts in November 2011. They are the world's fastest lifts, with rise and lower speeds that are at least twice as fast as standard lifts. Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts run on environmentally friendly DC power. They have built-in chargers that use 110 V current, eliminating the need for expensive 220 V wiring, and reducing daily electricity use. Shockwave also includes an exclusive Spotline laser spotting guide and a choice of patent-pending superstructures to enable technicians to spend less time positioning the vehicle for service.

The Shockwave system is available on new Rotary Lift two-post and SmartLift inground lifts. A Shockwave retrofit performance package is also available to upgrade existing SmartLift inground lifts.