ETI seeks speakers for ToolTech 2013

The Equipment and Tool Institute is looking for 30-minute presentations, 60-minute presentations and moderators for roundtable discussions and workshops that fit into tracks to benefit the ETI Membership.

The organization's main selection criteria is that sessions fit into the ToolTech Theme of "Driving the Innovation that Drives the Aftermarket" and meet the goal of providing attendees with key information and take-aways that can be incorporated as soon as they return to the office undefined allowing them to drive their business efforts forward (i.e. benefit at least one vertical segment of ETI membership, not be too controversial, and no company or product pitches, please).

Examples of the detail without naming specific topics: (not an all inclusive list)

  • Legislation, regulation and ETI involvement (e.g. Right to Repair, new refrigerants etc.)
  • Standards – How can ETI help make its members' voices be better heard in ISO, SAE and other standards organizations, or should ETI become more involved in standards, if so, how?
  • Diagnostics via telematics - where are we, what standards are needed, what laws and regulations are needed, if any? How will it work, who will pay, When will Diagnostics over telematics become a reality?
  • Challenges facing the aftermarket repair industry (shop owner/technician perspective)
  • What does the rest of the repair industry want ETI to do or become. Examples could come from the independent repairers, shop owners, parts companies, mass merchandisers, OEMs, Etc.

Round Tables topics should be designed to help ETI members run their businesses. They could include any number of business-help topics about such things as managing personnel, time management, how to find the best software contractors, launching your products overseas, using ETI as a tool to uncover new B to B opportunities, using ETI to leverage your small business, etc.

We're interested in what you are working on that could benefit our audience, and we hope you'll be a part of our ToolTech event.

More information on ToolTech 2013

ToolTech 2013…Driving the Innovation that Drives the Aftermarket

The automotive tool and equipment industry is a $286 billion dollar business and has a projected growth rate of 4 percent per year. How much of the aftermarket business is your company capturing?

It's no secret – the aftermarket is ever-changing. With new technology challenges appearing every year, ranging from plug-in electrics to engines with no camshafts; new legislation such as Right to Repair, new refrigerants requiring new equipment and test procedures, and understanding how to prosper in a truly global ecosystem are challenges that face every company today.

ToolTech is the event for industry leaders to come and keep abreast of these challenges, to enable and grow their business, and get a bigger piece of the aftermarket pie. ToolTech is the place where companies introduce themselves, seek out synergies and opportunities with other ETI Members, and find new and innovative ways to supply shops with proper tools and equipment.

At ToolTech 2013 you can learn about upcoming technologies, how to overcome barriers in your everyday business, and stay informed on issues and news in the automotive aftermarket industry. Learn, Meet and Network with your peers! Together we can turn the challenges facing our industry today into solutions for a more efficient and profitable industry tomorrow!

Click here to submit your proposals to be a Speaker at ToolTech 2013.

The deadline for proposals is September 28.