EcoPower oil put through million-mile test

Tested using drain intervals of 40K to 50K for oil changes

Upon completion of the million miles, both truck engines were completely disassembled and inspected, where the lack of wear to internal engine parts was clearly visible. "In this engine, I see no signs of distress anywhere," said Pat Fetterman, industrial liaison, Infineum, a leading global additive company and third party that conducted the engine test. "In fact, these [engines' original] cams meet the visual guidelines for reusability. And when we rebuild these engines … the cams are going right back in the engines, and they'll be going back into service with these cams, even after a million miles. Based on what I've seen, looking at the condition of the cams, the followers, the ring and liner interface disassembled, these engines are in the same condition as I would expect for an oil operating at a million miles with a virgin base stock."

The million-mile test was an extension of an identically designed half-million-mile test that compared EcoPower to two leading, super-premium, heavy-duty diesel engine oils made from crude oil. In that test, EcoPower significantly outperformed the competition, showing as good or better performance in nearly every measure of engine protection and performance.

Results of EcoPower's 500,000-Mile Test

In fully loaded, long-haul service tests conducted by Infineum International LTD, a major global additive company, using trucks equipped with 2007 Cummins ISX 450-horsepower EGR engines, EcoPower HD 15W-40 CJ-4/SM performed equal to or better than two leading heavy-duty diesel engine oils. After 500,000 miles with drain intervals exceeding 40,000 miles, EcoPower performed well on the tests.

Results of EcoPower's 1,000,000-Mile Test

The test was extended to see how well it would protect the very same engines for one million miles. Infineum International LTD, a major global additive company and Safety-KIeen's third-party testing partners, maintained the same extended drain intervals. The trucks had only routine maintenance and repairs, and after one million miles, EcoPower HD 15W-40 CJ-4/SM delivered good performance in the fields of engine cleanliness, wear protection, total base number and viscosity.

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