MACS announces technician training program for R-1234yf

Taking proactive steps to serve the mobile air conditioning industry, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide has successfully become the first Section 609 certification provider to certify a new technician training program to SAE J2845 under the SAE J2911 program.

"What this means," explains Elvis L. Hoffpauir, MACS Worldwide president and chief operating officer, "is that in response to the introduction of the new refrigerant (HFO) R-1234yf and its unique service procedures, SAE International has created new service and training standards for mobile A/C technicians.  MACS Worldwide is the first to meet those standards in our Section 609 certification training program for (HFO) R-1234yf. While the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has yet to announce any changes to Section 609 programs, MACS has met the SAE standard and is ready to introduce the new program when any new federal requirements are announced. I am very proud of the MACS technical training team for their efforts on this program."

SAE International created the J2911 and J2845 standards in response to changes in the refrigerants used in mobile A/C systems, SAE Interior Climate Control Standards Committee (ICCSC) co-chairman Ward Atkinson explains. "SAE J2845 covers servicing of (HFO) R-1234yf and R-744 mobile air conditioning (MAC) systems. Technicians need to be trained to recognize which refrigerant is being handled, how to handle it safely, and be equipped with the essential information and proper equipment and tools, which are unique to these refrigerants. The SAE ICCSC members created SAE standard J2911 because, over the years, we have found that some manufacturers and sellers of equipment and chemical additives have advertised that their product meets or exceeds SAE requirements with no published facts available to a consumer," Atkinson continued. "Now, in order to advertise or use labeling language that implies such certification, or use the SAE logo, the manufacturer or seller of a product shall meet the appropriate SAE standard and also comply with SAE J2911 by posting the certifying data on the SAE website."