Technicians Service Training

OTC and Power Probe offering training in California

Even though it has been years since the ASC Trade Show had their convention, a national automotive training event is returning to Ontario, Calif. this September.

Technicians Service Training, an organization many know as TST, is organizing a training event with OTC and Power Probe that makes available to technicians nationwide the ability to professionally network and increase their diagnostic skills. While this is both OTC and Power Probe’s first foray in offering such an outlet , TST has held nine such training events in the northeast coining them "Big Events." This, however, will be their first Big Event in California.

The event itself is a standard training event that one might expect to see at Vision or at a Worldpac class. It covers two topics popular among diagnosticians, P0420 DTCs and vehicle network diagnostics on Domestic and Asian vehicles. Of particular interest is the training being offered covering P0420s, because California has very stringent regulations for their catalytic converters. "Many technicians just replace the converter when they have a P0420," said G "Jerry" Truglia, the instructor of the P0420 class. "Little do they know that oxygen sensors, reflashes, fuel trim, and much more need to be checked out to prevent a P0420 comeback."

The other class, on network diagnostics is being covered by Dave Hobbs. Both Truglia and Hobbs are nationally renowned instructors and regulars at automotive training events including MACS and Showpower.

Chief among the corporate sponsors are OTC and Power Probe. Power Probe, specifically, was considering holding their own training because what they perceived to be a lack of availability in the industry. When TST contacted Jeff Whisenand, CEO of Power Probe, he quickly agreed to collaborate.