Xata changes name to XRS Corporation, introduces new "XRS" software

XRS introduces new self-titled mobile fleet management technology, changes name to emphasize its innovative nature.

Xata Corporation today announced the company is changing its name to XRS Corporation and introduced a revolutionary all-mobile platform of the same name for trucking compliance, performance and fleet optimization. The announcements came today during the Xata User Event (XUE) in Minneapolis. The new name, which stands for Xata Road Science, is effective immediately. The company is now listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the new symbol "XRSC."

"We've always been at the forefront of developing technologies and services that have brought the power of science to the trucking industry," says Jay Coughlan, CEO of XRS Corporation. "Now, we've pioneered mobile fleet optimization, a revolution that's literally putting the power of technology in every driver's hand. Our new name honors Xata's proud history while reflecting our breakthrough new mobile technology."

The company's name change is driven by its new, all-mobile platform, designed to help fleets and drivers capture data for two essential needs: to keep drivers and fleets compliant, and to slash costs. The company's eight years of success and more than 50,000 mobile subscribers with its first-generation mobile tool, Turnpike, have paved the way for XRS.

XRS will run on more than 50 types of mobile devices to automatically transmit vehicle and operator data directly to a management dashboard. Nearly 90 percent of drivers already have mobile devices in use, meaning there are no additional hardware costs associated with XRS software. XRS Corporation has partnership agreements with the leading brands in mobile communications in both the U.S. and Canada. XRS's software is intended to be flesible in orderto work alongside thousands of other applications available for smartphones and tablets makes it as big or as small as users need it to be—whether for owner-operators or small, medium or large trucking operations.

Each attendee of the XUE conference today received a free Huawei MediaPad 7 tablet computer. The tablet is loaded with the XRS app, giving attendees a hands-on trial of the new mobile platform and its ease of use. Additionally, members of the company's Xperience Customer Board have tested XRS in the months leading up to today's announcement.

"As a long-time Turnpike customer, we relished the opportunity to be one of the first to try XRS," says Cliff Dixon, Vice President of Information Technology at Quality Distribution, Inc., the largest dedicated bulk tank truck network in North America. "We've been pleased with the improved performance and business results gained from Turnpike, but XRS provides even more power, ease of use and flexibility for our drivers and fleet managers. We primarily ship a broad range of hazmat chemicals, so safety and compliance is of the utmost importance. XRS is software as a service, removing the complexity of changing hardware or software whenever regulations change – XRS is automatically updated to comply with new regulations so we know we're covered. We look forward to rolling XRS out fleet-wide once it is generally available."

"The days of expensive, hard-wired, on-board installations are gone. Mobile technology is established in our industry, XRS is the next step. We are already working with our legacy Xata customers to help them go mobile with ease and efficiency," says Coughlan. "We are truly excited for how XRS will transform our industry."

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