PeopleNet software alerts drivers of traffic incidents

PeopleNet (, a leading provider of innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems for effective fleet management, today announced that it has introduced a management app that provides critical event alerts to smart devices within seconds based on data from multiple sources.

They announced the new app to more than 850 attendees at the company's 10th annual user conference held at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Vice President of Tailored Solutions Randy Boyles explained that safety and maintenance managers in particular would appreciate the immediacy and detail of alerts. He said, "There is a tremendous amount of safety and maintenance-related information available through PeopleNet reports. However, we understand that there are events that require immediate attention rather than waiting to review reports. We are taking advantage of smart-device technology's notification features to develop this safety app for helping customers avoid potential safety incidents and better protect drivers and the public."

To address the industry's top issue, PeopleNet developed the safety app for iPad first, leading a queue that includes: a maintenance app, featuring fault code and tire pressure alerts to help fleets avoid major overhaul expenses and poor fuel economy; and a vehicle location and messaging app for smart devices that allow executives to check up on key concerns regardless of location. Additional availability of all apps for the iPhone and Android devices is in the works as well.

The PeopleNet system sends an alert to registered smart-device users. When an alert is received, the user can access all relevant event data through the alert. For instance, if there were a rollover-stability or sudden-deceleration event, a satellite map of the incident would be provided along with pre and post-incident trails, all of the particulars of the incident, the identity of the driver, the driver's available hours of service (HOS), and their past 24-hour HOS activity. The last five safety events for the driver are also displayed to help assess the emergence of a negative trend.