Delphi announces new fuel pump modules and hanger assemblies

With the Environmental Protection Agency having approved the sale of E-15 biofuels, it's more important than ever to offer customers the latest OE fuel pump technologies. Delphi fuel pump and module assemblies are designed to withstand today's harsh alcohol fuel blends and provide dependable, long-lasting performance, quick pressure rise and quiet, efficient operation.

Although gasoline retailers are now authorized to sell blends containing 15 percent ethanol, fuel pumps and modules from Delphi are tested to withstand up to 22 percent ethanol.

The recent addition to Delphi's comprehensive fuel pump product portfolio for Ford, GM, Saturn and Chrysler applications consists of 10 new fuel pump modules and one new fuel pump kit. This includes Delphi's newly released fuel pump module assembly for MY2001-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees, which covers more than 800,000 vehicles on the road today.

Designed to meet or exceed all OE vehicle manufacturer performance specifications, these new fuel pump assemblies are built with OE-validated parts and include OEM-grade wiring, electrical connectors and level sensor assemblies that deliver increased performance, durability and reliability over other aftermarket fuel pumps that are often built with lower-quality materials.