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Xata Turnpike announces integration with TMWSuite

Xata Corporation, the leader in fleet optimization software, announces its award-winning Xata Turnpike fleet management software is now integrated with TMWSuite transportation management software from TMW Systems, driving efficiency, productivity and convenience for both drivers and fleet managers by automating key functions throughout the load planning and back-end  processes. The Xata Turnpike integration with TMWSuite provides a cost-effective solution that uniquely combines both driver and fleet management tools in one. The integration provides fleets all the functions and services for the end-to-end transportation process, and is scalable for a wide range of customers, from regional brokers and 3PLs to national carriers with fleets ranging from 50 to 15,000.

"Our relationship with TMW Systems is very important, and we look forward to continue working with them across their various products serving the transportation industry to bring customers more cost-effective integrated solutions," says Kirsten Lester, Xata senior integration program manager, who has 12 years' experience helping fleets around the world improve their bottom line. "Xata is dedicated to partnering with industry leaders to develop integrated solutions for customers, extending the value of their technology investments."

According to Scott Vanselous, chief marketing officer at TMW Systems, "Our integration with the Xata Turnpike offering presents another affordable option for our TMWSuite customers. We are committed to provide our customers out-of-the-box integrations to leading mobile communication systems."

The integrated solution from Xata Turnpike and TMWSuite combines powerful driver and fleet management tools to drive efficiency and productivity throughout the process. Powered by Xata Turnpike's GPS data, TMWSuite can detect site arrival and departure events and update loads in Dispatch without manual intervention. Eliminating manual data entry by dispatchers based on check calls from drivers saves time for both drivers and dispatchers, and improves data accuracy.

"We originally purchased the Xata Turnpike product several years ago to manage driver logs, hours of service and fuel tax information for our private fleet. Now as a standalone brokerage and for-hire trucking company, we have implemented TMWSuite to manage all aspects of our brokerage and dispatch operations," said Jason Meares, manager of transportation systems with Red Classic Transit. "By integrating Turnpike data into TMWSuite, we provide a streamlined solution for our dispatchers, referencing hours of service and tractor position information, saving them up to 30 minutes per day in planning, dispatching and order updates. In addition, the integration allows us to collect and report more data for each order with the level of accuracy our customers demand."

Xata Turnpike's HOS data also assists dispatchers with load planning by organizing driver availability based on available hours. When a dispatcher is planning a load, they can quickly determine which drivers are available, maximizing productivity.

The integrated solution provides additional convenience to planners and dispatchers by showing important information – remaining driver hours, stop arrivals and load completions – and controlling all dispatch activities from one screen. It also speeds billing and payroll processes by automating manual processes with Xata Turnpike data integration.