NY non-profit agency automates fleet of vehicles with FleetCommander

Hillside Family of Agencies, one of the largest non-profit human services agencies in New York State, has selected FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software to manage its fleet of vehicles. The announcement was made by Agile Access Control, Inc., (Agile) creator of FleetCommander.

Hillside Family of Agencies' fleet is dispersed among 15 locations spanning 150 miles across the State of New York and Maryland. Despite the fact that Hillside's vehicles are decentralized, one of Hillside's major goals in implementing FleetCommander is the ability to manage the entire fleet from one central location. Mike Pierce, the Director of Purchasing, said being able to see the status of their fleet on the FleetCommander fleet dashboard is an important benefit of implementing the web-based technology for Hillside.

Pierce said FleetCommander will initially manage 32 shared vehicles, with a goal of managing between 75-100 shared vehicles with FleetCommander in the coming months. With some Hillside facilities reporting usage of 5,000-10,000 miles per month per vehicle, Pierce said the most critical issue facing Hillside's fleet is having visibility into vehicle utilization: "Hillside's biggest challenge is having the data necessary to understand vehicle utilization so that our fleet can be managed most efficiently." Pierce said Hillside will now be able to take the utilization data collected by FleetCommander and determine vehicle assignments based on actual statistics rather than "soft" criteria. "FleetCommander provides us with an accurate, data-based solution for determining assignments and usage, which will be a significant improvement to how we've managed our fleet in the past," he said. "We are very pleased with what FleetCommander can do for us."

Pierce said Hillside has set a goal of cutting the number of its fleet vehicles from 140 to 120 based on utilization data collected through FleetCommander. "Eliminating unneeded vehicles from a fleet can save $4,000-5,000 per vehicle in depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and other costs annually. With Hillside looking at cutting 20 vehicles, savings for them will be significant," said Agile President Ed Smith. "We are pleased to welcome Hillside to the community of FleetCommander users," he said.

Celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2012, Hillside Family of Agencies provides services to nearly 13,000 youth and families in more than 40 locations across central and western New York and in Prince George's County, Md.