Thermo King launches temperature control trailer platform

New regulation-compliant truck, trailer and APU solutions deliver significant fuel savings, industry-leading performance, lower life cycle costs and peace of mind

Testing demonstrates that the ETV saves up to 30 percent in fuel, reaches setpoint up to 50 percent faster and runs the engine up to 17 percent less - translating to significant operational and environmental savings for fleets throughout the life of the unit. The full T-Series range will be offered in 2013 with new model names, including T-580R, T-680R, T-880R, T-1080R, T-680S, T-880S, T-1080S, and T-1080S Spectrum multi-temperature units.

TriPac Evolution APU - The TriPac Evolution APU will lower overall truck fuel consumption, reduce emissions and provide driver comfort. This solution, which can be ordered after Jan. 1, 2013, for shipment in the second quarter of 2013, meets Tier IV EPA final regulations requirements while leveraging new patented technology to drive unit performance, efficiency and user productivity.

Responding to customer feedback, the updated TriPac is the industry's only solution featuring software that can be customized to enhance the customer's operating profile. This APU also features an extended maintenance interval of 1,500 hours, a new flash-loadable control system and improved service access for easier maintenance.

About the Program (Full Agenda at End of Release)

At the event, Doug Lenz, director of product management and marketing for Thermo King, will discuss the Jan. 1, 2013, EPA Tier 4 final emission standards and California Air Resource Board Requirements (CARB) for transport refrigeration units. The EPA Tier IV final regulations do not affect refrigerated trucks and trailers that are currently in service, so Lenz will describe how Thermo King dealers are working with operators to strategically plan their approach to these regulations when making purchasing decisions about new equipment.

After Lenz's discussion, Thermo King product managers will describe the new solutions, how each was developed to provide value-added compliance with regulatory changes and the features and benefits each offers. Presenters will include: Tom Kampf, trailer product manager - Precedent platform, Scott Bates, truck product manager - T-Series 2013 enhancements, and Paul Barbaro, APU product manager - the TriPac Evolution APU.

Other Thermo King leaders will address critical industry topics and provide recommendations to further improve operational efficiencies while staying compliant.

Joe Cretella, director of intelligent services for Thermo King, will discuss advanced communications solutions that are enabling customers to optimize energy and operational efficiency through improved diagnostics. Thermo King will introduce one of the industry's first dual-mode cellular/WiFi monitoring solutions in fourth quarter 2012. The company provides the only telematics device that is factory installed and supported.

Leonard "Bud" Rodowick, manager of fleet performance at Thermo King, will address how Thermo King is helping customers to efficiently and effectively manage precise temperature control to extend cargo shelf life and meet new Food Safety Modernization Act compliance requirements and updated guidelines for the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, the universally recognized and accepted method for food safety assurance.

Martin Duffy, vice president of sales and market development for Thermo King, will report how advancements in transport refrigeration unit reliability and control technology can translate into significant fuel savings opportunities, without compromising load integrity.

Real-world Product Testing – Brandon Pugh, president, Thermo King Northwest, Inc., will share customer feedback from Precedent field tests. He will also discuss how customers are innovatively meeting regulatory changes.

The event will also include an all-employee photo with local community leaders, recognizing the 74-year legacy of industry innovation by Thermo King employees. This will include the team that has developed the game-changing solutions featured at the event. Attendees will visit a roadshow trailer that features the new Precedent solutions and describes the research and development commitment behind each development. Attendees also will be able to view the new APU and T-Series enhancements at the event.

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