Trucker's 'Long Haul' alternator operates flawlessly for 500,000 miles and still going strong

Independent trucker Jim Miller has used the Long Haul alternator for seven years with no problems.

Producing 160 amps operating output, and 80 amps at idle, the Long Haul's higher charge rate at idle prolongs battery life by reducing deep cycling. And the Long Haul is built to "really take the heat." Dual internal cooling fans are optimized for air flow and help maintain the unit's even temperature under all operating conditions. Most other alternators fail at slightly over 110 degrees C (230 degrees F). 

"The Long Haul's exclusive Self Protection Regulator technology automatically reduces the output to prevent failure when underhood temperatures reach 125 degrees C (257 degrees F)," Padgett said. "Output returns to normal when the temperature drops below 125 degrees C (257 degrees F)."

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