New Kumho tires medium commercial truck tire released

Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc., one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, announced the release of its all new KMD41 tire to its medium truck and bus radial tire line-up. Along with recent introductions of Smartway approved line haul steer, drive and trailer products, Kumho has focused their efforts on the on/off highway tire segment. The all new KMD41 is designed for use in on and off road applications such as refuse, construction and mining and logging use. Along with added traction, the new KMD 41 removes the 55-miles per hour speed restriction of the previous product, increasing the speed certification to 65-miles per hour for normal highway driving.

"The KMD41 is the ideal drive tire for any on/off highway application where high drive traction is required," said Ron Gilbert, Kumho Tire U.S.A.'s Commercial Truck Tire Sales Manager. "The KMD41 is also easier on the environment, built with environmentally friendly processing oils."

Utilizing all new Kumho rubber compounding technology, the KMD41 also provides increased on road traction and greater resistance to cutting and chipping in off road conditions. Using Kumho's proprietary casing technology, the Integrated Component Optimization System (ICOS), casing durability and retreadability have also been improved.

The KMD41 joins an impressive line-up of truck and bus radial tires built especially for use on and off the road for maximum versatility in mixed use conditions, including low profile and wide base products.

Kumho Tires produced the KMD41, along with its entire line of consumer and commercial tires, in accordance with strict environmental standards. The KMD41 was designed without the use of high aromatic oil (vacuum-distilled crude oil), which is used heavily in the auto industry. The KMD41 utilizes high aromatic oil-free technology in an effort to reduce unnecessary hazardous materials from entering the eco system. The KMD41 can also be retreaded when it gets to a worn state so instead of throwing the tire away, it can be reused and given another life on the job.