Fras-Le purchases new brake NVH dynamometer

To expand its testing capabilities, Fras-le North America Inc., one of the largest friction material manufacturers in the world, has purchased a new brake NVH dynamometer from Link Engineering Company. The approximately $1.5 million dollar investment by Fras-le distinguishes the company as the first friction manufacturer that owns a dynamometer with a test chamber of such a large size. The size of the chamber allows Fras-le to fit a full axle of a pickup truck inside for testing, whereas only corner axle testing is possible with smaller dynamometers.

Fras-le's new dynamometer, for light- and medium-duty vehicle testing, is designed to reproduce actual vehicle road conditions and will test for durability, wear, performance, and NVH. The new large chamber also enables Fras-le to test for environmental control by reproducing many different humidity and temperature differences and to conduct enhanced noise testing. The new dynamometer is located in Link Engineering’s Dearborn, Mich. facility, which is near Fras-le's North American headquarters in Northville, Mich.   

"Fras-le produces original equipment and aftermarket friction materials with the quality required by the major vehicle manufacturers worldwide," said Rodrigo Meirelles, Fras-le North America’s vice president and general manager. "The new dyno, with the larger chamber, continues Fras-le's efforts to expand and invest in our U.S. operations and gives us greatly enhanced capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers."

Fras-le's new brake dynamometer complements the company's increased commitment to friction manufacturing in the U.S. at its plant in Prattville, Ala., which recently announced an $11 million investment in friction manufacturing equipment.

Besides its lab in Prattville, Fras-le has an advanced research and development center in Brazil, where the company has multiple dynamometers and one of the best-equipped labs in the world. Fras-le houses chemical, physical and pilot labs that enable it to develop premium high-performance products. In addition, the company has a state-of-the art proving grounds in southern Brazil that allows Fras-le to certify a diverse range of products and to develop and test products in accordance with the most advanced technological standards.