Aura Systems to introduce electric solution for large refrigeration trailers

Aura Systems, Inc. announced the introduction of an electric solution for large refrigeration trailers. The Aura solution can be retrofitted on any existing refrigeration trailer with shore power standby capability. The AuraGen generator is mounted on a tractor and an interface box is integrated on the trailer.

The AuraGen system will provides up to 20 kW of electric power in either 240VAC 3 phase or 480VAC 3 phase configurations. The System consists of the AuraGen solution integrated into a tractor, a quick connect/disconnect cable, and a small interface box mounted on the refrigeration trailer. When in transit, the AuraGen will power the refrigeration system as if it was plugged in to shore power; when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor or during rest periods, the existing system will operate as is. This will result in significant reductions in diesel emissions and reduction in fuel usage.

For large cross-country hauls, the industry estimates approximately 3,600 of annual working hours, half of which are used during transit and half for rest. Furthermore, it is estimated that while in transit existing diesel-based refrigeration solutions use approximately one gallon per hour. The AuraGen solution will reduce the fuel consumption during transit from one gal per hour to 0.2 gal per hour, a saving of approximately 0.8 gal of fuel per hour, or 1,440 gal per year. In addition, while in transit, the electric solution eliminates any emissions that are present from the diesel refrigeration system.

Melvin Gagerman, Aura's CEO, said, "Our new refrigeration trailer solution provides immediate cost savings and reduction in harmful emissions to operators that have a diesel-based trailer system with shore power standby. This solution is another example of our strategic approach as previously announced, which is to focus our business on applications that save fuel and help the environment at the same time."