Detroit Reman showcases leadership in the supply of remanufactured products

Industry media plant tour highlights extensive portfolio of remanufactured commercial vehicle industry products.

Plasma Transferred Wire Arc employs an extremely versatile surface coating technology. This process uses a single wire and a small application head to coat hard to reach areas. The surface can be honed back to the original specification used on a new block.

Aftertreatment Cleaning utilizes a proprietary liquid process that restores exhaust aftertreatment devices to original service internals. The process provides consistent cleaning across the substrate cell walls and incorporates effective inspection techniques.

Emissions Testing and qualification of aftertreatment systems are achieved through exhaust gas analysis. The process measures exhaust particulates, hydrocarbons, and nitrous oxides to ensure proper catalytic performance.

These processes allow restoration of worn products to original blueprint specifications and incorporation of the most recent OEM engineering upgrades.

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