Mitchell 1

Mitchell 1 introduces ProPack customer communication toolbox

Mitchell 1 introduces ProPack, the new customer communication toolbox that will help automotive repair shops better connect with their customers. ProPack is available for Mitchell 1's Manager family of shop-management software products.

"Mitchell 1's new ProPack integrated toolbox, which includes Report Pro, Lube Sticker Pro and Message Pro, is designed to help repair shops enhance their customer communications, thus increasing satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, profits," said John Dwulet, senior product manager for Mitchell 1.  

Message Pro is designed to give shops the ability to communicate with vehicle owners through text messaging. In today's society of multitasking, this application allows the shop to communicate efficiently and effectively. It provides unique text number for shops to send and receive text messages directly from the management repair order screen; provides efficient alternative to leaving message on voice mail; automatically sends text message to remind customer of scheduled appointment; quickly and easily send and receive authorization for additional work; integrates with the management system schedule to set reminders; quick messages to advise customer vehicle is ready; and has no busy signals.

Report Pro provides additional out solutions for repair shops, such as a new way to print customer invoices, technician worksheets, custom multipoint inspections and other reports not currently available in Mitchell 1 Manager. It features enhanced reporting with by-the-job invoicing and a customized 'themed' template that includes affiliation logos, credit card logos and shop website; QR code to add appointments to smart phones; SocialCRM and other links on PDF export; configurable coupons; and landscape print format options. It also includes enhanced tech worksheets with service history by category, timeline and period; user-defined colors, fonts, background; and manufacturer branded multi-point vehicle inspection sheets.

Lube Sticker Pro enables shops to automate often forgotten 'best practices,' such as the ability to set the customer's next appointment based on vehicle usage and type of oil, and records that appointment in the repair shop's management program. It also prints windshield reminders with the shop's logo; configures sticker for Good, Better, Best service; accurately predicts when that vehicle should return for service; records a maintenance recommendation for the vehicle; and books a customers' next appointments before they leave the shop.