Noregon Systems releases JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5.3, featuring aftertreatment diagnostics

Noregon Systems, a leading supplier of PC-based diagnostic solutions to the commercial vehicle industry, announced the release of JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software v5.3, offering updated coverage for heavy duty and Ford vehicles.

The updated features are immediately available on all new copies of JPRO v5.3 software. Current JPRO license holders, with an active support agreement, can access the update on line by going to:

One of the key features in JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics version 5.3 is a new screen for the accurate graphical display of aftertreatment systems on 2007 and newer vehicles.

"Aftertreatment systems are complex and complicated," said Greg Reimmuth, vice president of sales and marketing for JPRO Commercial Fleet Products. "A misdiagnosis can lead to system damage in the thousands of dollars per vehicle. Our new aftertreatment screen gives techs the detailed information they need to make the right diagnosis - keeping aftertreatment systems running smoothly, lowering emissions and extending component life."

In addition to aftertreatment diagnostics, here are some other notable features in JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics version 5.3:

Heavy Duty Module Coverage Updates: 

• Updated fault code information for nearly every OEM

• Support for Natural Gas engine data in Cummins and John Deere engines

• Fault codes for the Meritor WABCO OnGuard system

• New "entire vehicle" Fluids Measurement Tab on the Data Monitor window

• Displays trailer lamp status on the tractor brake Key Data Points window

Ford Module Coverage Updates:

• Added support for transmissions in Ford 4x4 vehicles

• Added support for Instrument Cluster data

To learn what new features and functionality have been added in JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics v5.3, to register for free on line training or to request a free 30-day trial of JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software, visit: