New I-See from Volvo Trucks cuts haulage firms' fuel bills

I-See operates like an autopilot and takes over gearchanging and utilises gradients to save fuel.

"I-See imitates the driving style of good drivers," said Wokil "They utilise the vehicle's kinetic energy, accelerate in time and avoid unnecessary gearchanging. But unlike a driver, I-See never gets tired – it's like an autopilot."

This allows the driver to focus more on the surrounding traffic and other aspects of the journey. What is more, progress on the road is more relaxed.

"And an alert driver is a better driver," said Wokil. "That's something we know for sure." 

"I-See reduces brake and tire wear, for instance," said Eriksson. "And that naturally benefits the environment."

I-See will become available on the market in 2013. See a film about I-See on


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