Sapp Bros. Travel Plaza in Omaha offers plug-in power

Representatives from Shorepower Technologies, which installed 24 plug-in power pedestals at the site, Cascade Sierra Solutions, the non-profit administering the US Department of Energy grant and industry vendors attended.

For energy conscious trucking fleets, the Sapp Bros. site also offers six 480V power pedestals for refrigerated trailer units. "This is the first time an operator can take advantage of plugging in a refrigerated trailer away from their home terminal," Bates said.

"Truck owners who need a 240V electric standby connection can arrange to have access to a power converter at any STEP site that provides 480V service," said David Orton, CSS marketing manager. "More than half of the 50 STEP truck stop locations will have the 480V service.

"As we add more of these locations, we can begin to build a national network of truckstops that offer truckers a way to save on fuel and reduce idling and emissions, which can improve local health conditions," Orton added.


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