MGM announces e.STROKE GEN-3D electronic brake monitoring for air disc brake applications

Building upon the success of MGM's patented GEN 3 e.STROKE electronic brake monitoring system for drum brakes, MGM announced the release of e.STROKE electronic brake monitoring for air disc brake applications.

This new technology utilizes proven GEN 3 electronics, cabling, and diagnostic software, and now adds a new optical sensing technology to monitor air disc pushrod stroke and caliper lever arm movement. The GEN-3D system utilizes Infrared Optical Sensing to monitor the position of the chamber pushrod, while the new spring loaded chamber ball end design, monitors proper contact and movement of the caliper lever arm during each brake apply and release.

The GEN-3D system monitors your vehicle braking system in real-time and can detect:

  • Non-Functioning Brakes (caused by broken air hoses, faulty valves, faulty brake chambers)
  • Dragging Brakes (caused by faulty valves, faulty parking chambers, caliper adjuster failures)
  • Over Stroke Brakes (caused by caliper adjuster mechanism failure, or other mechanical failure)

Air Disc brakes are almost impossible to visually inspect since all moving components are hidden from view. The e.STROKE GEN-3D system continuously monitors every brake apply and release and notifies the fleet manager of braking problems via:

  • Dash warning light alerting the driver to a potential braking problem
  • J-1939 real-time transmission of any fault condition which can be relayed via on board data recording and reporting systems (Clever Devices, Siemens etc.)
  • Optional integration of the GEN -3D detection of dragging brakes to de-rate the vehicle