OPW Fuel Management Systems creates "How To" video library

OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of OPW Fueling Components, announced the launch of its new online "How To" Video Library for use by anyone that has purchased its Fuel Control and Tank Gauge software packages. These videos have been designed to assist with the day-to-day operation of OPW's most popular Fuel Control and Tank Gauge systems and their components, as well as answer common questions related to their operation. Viewers can access the videos through the www.opwglobal.com Website under the "Technical Support" dropdown menu.

Nearly 60 videos have been created, covering the configuration and operation of the following OPW-FMS Fuel Control and Tank Gauge product lines:

  • SiteSentinel iSite
  • SiteSentinel iTouch – Site Connect
  • AFC Phoenix Administrator Software
  • FSC3000/System2/K800 – Phoenix Windows
  • FSC3000/System2 – Phoenix SQL
  • PetroLink – AVI Manager Software

"Providing the highest level of customer service possible, especially after the sale has been completed and the system installed, has always been one of our main focuses," said Curt Frederick, Manager-Tech Support Group for OPW Fuel Management Systems. "The creation of this easy-to-use 'How To' library of videos is further proof of our steadfast commitment to furnishing our customers with the technical-support tools that help make their operations as streamlined and efficient as possible."

Fuel Control systems from OPW allow fuel managers, from the smallest fleets to the largest petroleum-marketing operations, to reliably monitor all fueling-related activities. OPW Tank Gauge products deliver cutting-edge fuel management services, from inventory reconciliation to loss prevention, while also handling all details of environmental compliance.