Top 20 propane retailer Paraco Gas joins National Alliance AutoGas Network

Paraco Gas Corp., named one of the top 20 propane retailers in the country by LP Gas magazine, has joined the national Alliance AutoGas network to provide a complete alternative fuel program to fleets in areas of Connecticut as well as New York City and surrounding counties. As an Alliance partner, Paraco will help fleets switch to propane autogas, a cost-effective, American-made fuel that's more affordable to implement than other clean fuels on the market today.

"Autogas is a rapidly growing segment of the propane industry; by partnering with Alliance AutoGas, we're leveraging our combined years of experience and knowledge to offer the ultimate clean fuel solution to American fleets," said Michael Gioffre, president of Paraco South. "Fueling stations and vehicle conversions for propane autogas are a fraction of the price of compressed natural gas technology. Switching to autogas will help fleets cut costs, while reducing their carbon footprint and lessening U.S. dependence on foreign oil."

Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. propane autogas supply is made in America, so autogas fleets are doing their part to enhance national energy security. Fleets running on autogas are currently saving around $1.50 per gallon compared to gasoline; and, because autogas is a cleaner-burning fuel, they also report reduced maintenance needs and increased engine life.

"Paraco Gas is a welcome addition to our national network of partners working to meet the growing demand from U.S. fleets for affordable alternative fuel," said Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas and founder of industry coalition Autogas for America. "It's simple and economical for fleets to switch from gasoline to autogas - especially when you compare the complicated logistics and high costs of switching to another fuel like natural gas. That's part of the reason autogas already powers more vehicles than natural gas, and we'll continue to see that gap widen."

Alliance AutoGas provides autogas vehicle conversions, installation of a fuel station at the fleet base, data integration for fuel management systems, operational and safety training, and ongoing technical support for fleets. Alliance also offers funding options that enable fleets to switch to autogas at no upfront cost.