BG Products introduces service advisor training website

BG Products, Inc., introduces the BG Certified Service Advisor Training website (

BG Certified has completed its beta test period and is already getting feedback from satisfied service managers who are seeing the results of a strategic training program for their service advisors.

BG Certified features short video segments to demonstrate customer benefits and realistic role play scenarios to teach service advisors what they need know to better communicate a consistent, credible message about the importance, the methods, and the rewards of proper automotive maintenance with BG products.

The main features of BG Certified are:

  • Free, convenient service advisor training
  • Modules for all BG Automotive Maintenance Services and the Lifetime BG Protection Plan
  • Learning codes to track completed modules
  • Logins for BG Distributors, BG Sales Reps, automotive shops and service advisors
  • Completion certificates for each module

A service manager in Missouri commented, “Our most recent example is our newest advisor – who has been with us less than four months and typically sells a couple BG services a week – sold 12 BG services his first day after BG Certified training!”

He continued with, “The more people get certified, the more confidence they seem to have in answering customer questions and offering solutions.”

BG Products is determined to help automotive professionals give their customers the most reliable, effective and valuable maintenance services possible. BG Certified helps us prove that point.

Ask your BG Distributor about BG Certified Service Advisor Training.