Portwell's new in-vehicle PC enables EOBR 'Electronic On-Board Recorder' for real-time tractor operation management

American Portwell Technology, Inc. has raised the bar of EOBR requirement for tractor fleet management with its new PCS-8268 telematics system. Along with the rule of restricting the use of cellular phones by drivers on commercial motor vehicles, it is essential for a telematics equipment to comply with these latest regulations required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

According to George Liao, senior product marketing manager at American Portwell Technology, PCS-8268 is a price-competitive telematics platform that combines x86 PC performance with the cost profile of a RISC based platform. This cost-effectiveness/high-performance combination begins with the ultra-low power Intel Atom Processor E640T, formerly codenamed Tunnel Creek, 1.0 GHZ engine that drives the PCS-8268 and enables it to operate at a wide temperature range of -20~70°C.

With no moving parts, PCS-8268's fan-less architecture enhances system reliability and reduces maintenance. CFast ensures a 600MB/sec data transfer rate, which is 4.5 times faster than the CompactFlash. Enriched wireless communication supports a host of capabilities such as 3.5G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth to provide operators with flexible options to transmit data. Built-in support for on-board CAN Bus 2.0 means the system can communicate directly with in-vehicle ECU. A set of well-designed damper kit protects its storage device from extreme shock and vibration damage. A 9~36V DC input with BIOS controlled "ignition on/off delay" settings ensures short circuit protection, and a delayed system boot/shut protects the system from the potential damage of surge shock and ensures all data is stored or delivered before the system shuts down.

Portwell's PCS-8268 makes an ideal telematics control hub for remote monitoring and an excellent tool for fleet dispatch and remote management.

Fleet Dispatch and Tracking Management

"Our new PCS-8268 is designed to improve our customers' experience across all aspects of fleet dispatch and tracking management," said senior product marketing manager, George Liao, "For example, embedded 4-input/4-output GPIO can monitor and control armored vehicle doors and freezers without the need to install add-on modules. The small footprint unit (250mm x 175mm x 50mm) is encased in a well-protected enclosure-compiled with MIL-STD-810G vibration and shock standard-that allows the system to operate safely and effectively in the harsh environments common to this industry."

Lower Overall Operation Costs

Liao believes there are many reasons why customers will find PCS-8268 the perfect choice to lower the overall operation costs for fleet tracking and remote management. "It's compact yet rich in functionality," he said. "It incorporates powerful CPU on dual computing cores while with low thermal dissipation, which enables it to provide the economy of fan-less architecture. The embedded digital I/O can monitor and control peripheral devices without using extra control/sensor modules. We can also provide private labeling and customization, and as usual, our customers also gain peace of mind from the long life cycle support inherent with every Portwell product."