introduces new industrial floor marking tapes

Superior Mark X’s and T’s first to feature patent-pending beveled edges that maximize durability.

While floor markers have been on the market for years, they have not been designed for optimal performance in the abusive environment of factories and warehouses. Many facilities have not been satisfied with the performance of corner markers, and the reason they fail is simple. These corner markers are manufactured by die cutting or punching the shapes out of a large sheet of material, and the edges are cut at a ninety-degree angle. This means that the layer of adhesive comes all the way out to that ninety-degree edge. When something pushes against that edge, it becomes dislodged when subjected to even a small amount of force.

InSite Solutions is proud to introduce more durable floor markers, like the Superior Mark X and T Marker, that feature Superior Mark’s patent pending technology. Superior Mark is a more durable floor marking solution that features beveled edges, recessed adhesive, and a quick peel liner. This unique combination enables Superior Mark to be a very cost effective floor marking material.

Visually organizing the floors of industrial facilities can greatly enhance workplace safety and organization, creating a more efficient facility. The installation and maintenance of Superior Mark Corners is so much faster than painting that facilities can potentially save big on labor costs while minimizing down time and the interruption of production. Insite Solutions manufactures floor markers in seven bright colors, which is useful for facilities that implement Lean or 5S Initiatives.


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