Safety Vision, LLC introduces industry's first driver distraction and fatigue monitoring system with real-time alerts

Safety Vision, the industry leader in mobile video and multimedia fleet automation, introduces SafetyTrax|DDM, the industry's first driver distraction and fatigue monitoring system.

SafetyTrax|DDM combines a dash mounted, day/night, infrared illuminated camera with intelligent video algorithms to provide an easy to install, autonomous, turn-key solution. The built-in video analytics are self-configuring and work by tracking driver's eye lids and pupil dilation using proprietary algorithms. The system warns the driver with real time audible alerts when symptoms of fatigue or distracted driving due to texting on a cell phone are recognized.

"The problem of distracted and fatigued driving has reached epidemic proportions with nearly 20,000 injuries and 750 deaths attributed annually according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)," said Terry Leiby, Director of Marketing. "Our SafetyTrax|DDM product is designed to be a proactive monitoring and warning tool built on our nearly two decades of experience and engineering expertise in mobile video and fleet automation systems."

The autonomous SafetyTrax|DDM systems can also be combined with the SafetyTrax web based tracking service to provide real-time alerts to remote fleet/safety managers. This powerful combination of driver and fleet manager alerts ensure a proactive approach to fleet safety as well as public safety.