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Bar's Products brands launch 'how-to' video series

Bar's LeaksĀ and RisloneĀ have launched two video series to help consumers choose and use the right vehicle maintenance and performance chemicals for their needs.

The Tech Minute videos feature "affordable solutions to expensive repairs" from Bar's Leaks and Rislone. These videos provide a short overview of the vehicle problems each product solves. The "How To" videos demonstrate how to install the products.

Seven of the Tech Minute videos have been released so far. Each runs for about 60 seconds and features Clay Parks, vice president of development, talking about the product, and showing where it is installed. Products featured to date include:

  • Bar's Leaks Rear Main Seal Repair.
  • Bar's Leaks Liquid Aluminum and Liquid Copper.
  • Bar's Leaks Jack Oil.
  • Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Fix.
  • Bar's Leaks dual cavity repair formulas: Engine Repair, Automatic Transmission Repair and Power Steering Repair.
  • Rislone Transmission Stop Slip.
  • Rislone Engine Treatment.

The "How To" series has kicked off with a video covering how to install Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL. It's hosted by Fred Mannix, quality control manager and product specialist.

"The videos let us communicate visually with our customers, so they can see the products in action," says Jeff Ventura, vice president of digital strategy and new media. "They also give us the opportunity to answer common questions. For example, the video on how to install Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner was inspired by the large volume of calls our tech support team was fielding on this very question. In fact, we invite customers to suggest other videos they would like to see. We want to create resources that are useful to our customers, and if they have ideas we're not thinking about, we'd love to know."

Questions and requests can be sent to

All of the videos can be found on YouTube,, and on the Bar's blog The "How to" videos are also available under the Support tab on the Bar's Products website,