Oilmen's Truck Tanks delivers nation's first aluminum truck tank for delivering both lubricants and DEF

If you saw this Oilmen's Truck Tank on the road, it would be difficult to determine what makes it so special. The difference lies within. At first glance, you will see what looks like a standard multi-compartment aluminum tank mounted on a 2012 Freightliner M2 chassis, designed for hauling bulk lubricants. However, the first compartment is lined with a proprietary epoxy lining that has been tested and approved for use with DEF and meets the ISO standards. As the product leaves this compartment, it passes through all ISO 22241-3 compatible components on its way to a tote, bulk tank, or another vehicle. This third system – dedicated entirely to the DEF compartment – consists of a Weights & Measures meter, pumping system, hose reel, and 100' of DEF hose. It is capable of delivering DEF at flow rates of 80 GPM. In addition to the DEF system, there are systems for two families of bulk lubricants. The tank has a total payload capacity of 4500 gal, 1200 of which is DEF.

About the Lining

Oilmen's has been testing the lining at their facility for over a year. After monitoring the condition of the lining and having observed no degradation in its quality, Oilmen's is now offering the lining as an option only on new aluminum tanks.

DEF and Craft Oil Corp.

Craft Oil has invested heavily in the distribution of DEF. As one of the earliest distributors of DEF, Craft joined the DeliveryONE network to deliver the AIR 1 brand of diesel exhaust fluid. Craft Oil has recently expanded their fleet with multiple vehicles capable of carrying and delivering DEF, including a 6,200 gal DEF trailer and two DEF delivery van units mounted on Hino chassis – all provided by Oilmen's Truck Tanks.