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Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour celebrates service technicians as 'Masters of Their Trade'

The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is off to an impressive start as it showcases the latest and greatest Snap-on tools and equipment to throngs of Snap-on nation members in venues coast-to-coast. 

"The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour has been a resounding success as we have seen many events drawing long lines of Snap-on customers waiting to tour the interactive trailer," said Yvette Morrison, vice president of marketing, Snap-on Tools Group. "Adding hands-on features to the tour has taken an already impressive event to another level."

Featuring customized mobile units full of the latest and greatest Snap-on tool offerings, the Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is an interactive tour that celebrates automotive service technicians as the "masters of their trade." The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour provides these "masters" a hands-on experience with the newest and most exciting products Snap-on has to offer. 

The highlight of the tour is the Snap-on mobile units featuring state-of-the-art touch screen technology that lets Snap-on customers interact with engineering and design of the product. This allows visitors to see firsthand how Snap-on tools are created and manufactured. There are also multiple displays that provide hands-on activities to see how various Snap-on tools work. This event also provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with Snap-on representatives and learn about the tools and equipment that can help improve their productivity and efficiency.

"The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour has become a tremendous asset in helping show our customers how Snap-on provides the most valued productivity solutions in the world," said Morrison. "We encourage our customers, and potential customers, to check out the tour in a city near them. We know they won't be disappointed."

The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is open to the public and is scheduled to stop at over 85 locations across the United States and Canada in 2012.