Interstate Batteries introduces new pure-lead AGM battery

Interstate Batteries will be offering the 31-AGM7, the new extreme absorbed glass-mat (AGM) battery. The commercial line battery is the product of years of technology experimentation, testing and validation.

Conventional alloy-lead AGM technology batteries have been used for years in motorcycles, automobiles, wheelchairs and backup power supplies, but Interstate Batteries' new pure-lead AGM battery exceeds the performance of these products. Batteries run through several cycles of discharging and recharging power. Most starting batteries don't typically discharge deeper than a 10 percent depth of discharge. Interstate's AGM battery with Pure Matrix Power, on the other hand, produces 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. A starting battery capable of that many extreme deep cycles is unique in the battery industry.

Pure Matrix Power is a combination of pure non-alloy lead and an extra thin plate design. The pure lead without the common impurities of alloyed lead and the increased surface area of the thinner plates results in a battery that peforms at an extremely high level in both cranking the engine and powering electrical accessories over and over again.

Cranking and recharging performance are two additional qualities setting Interstate's 31-AGM7 battery apart from others.

"Interstate Batteries' new AGM battery can accept and produce a tremendous amount of current very quickly, reducing the battery's charge time" said Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries' technical services manager. "Additionally, extreme cold and extreme heat challenge a battery's ability to perform, and this new AGM battery, with its temperature-resistant properties, rises to this challenge by delivering at a high level in all climates."

Thick glass-mats inside the AGM battery absorb the battery's active ingredient. Electrolyte, a mixture of sulfuric acid and water, is housed in a liquid state in most automotive batteries. The Interstate Batteries 31-AGM7 battery has world-class cranking and extreme cycling performance and works well for both starting engines and non-cranking applications, such as the many auxiliary power applications on a commercial vehicle. These include auxiliary power units (APUs), heating, ventilation and air conditioning, power generators, lift gates, solar panels and other heavy-cycling applications.

"The Interstate Batteries new 31-AGM7 battery features the most efficient plate design in the industry to both start the engine and power accessories," Kimbrough said.

With an expected battery service life three times that of a conventional SLI battery and twice that of conventional non-alloy AGM batteries, the Interstate 31-AGM7 offers the lowest cost per cycle.