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FTC requests public comment on used automobile parts industry

As part of its review of all current Federal Trade Commission rules and guides, the FTC is looking for public comments on the costs, benefits, need for, regulatory and economic impact of the Used Auto Parts Guides.

The FTC's "Guides for the Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry," were issued to prevent the unfair marketing practices regarding used motor vehicle parts and assemblies, including engines and transmissions, containing used parts. The guides include details regarding misrepresentations about a part's condition and its former use. It suggests that pre-used parts are to be clearly identified in advertising and packaging, or on the part itself. The guides also include language that describes the treatment a part is mandated to receive before it can be labeled "rebuilt" or "remanufactured."

The guides were last revised in 2002 and included an updated list of commonly rebuilt or reused parts for cars. Comments to the FTC on the guides must be received by Aug. 3, 2012. These comments are then made available to the public via the FTC's website.