PureForge brake rotor test expands to Harley-Davidsons in Manteca Police motorcycle skills competition

PureForge, the only company using patented Atomic-Forged technology to make metal tougher, had the first competition ride of its wear-resistant brake rotors on Harley-Davidson motorcycles on May 11 and 12 in the Manteca Police Motors 3rd Annual Skills and Training Challenge. Manteca Chief of Police Nick Obligacion and Motor Officer Patrick Danipour installed the PureForge brake rotors on the Harley-Davidson motorcycles they will use in the training and skills competition. The timed course challenges the riders and motorcycles with several agility exercises that assess penalties for knocking over cones, putting a foot down, and other infractions. 

Quinn Redeker, a BMW Motor Officer and Trainer/Instructor for Ventura, Calif., Police Department, will continue to use PureForge rotors at the Manteca competition. Fresh off three first place wins at the April 28  Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition in Phoenix, Ariz., Redeker is considered a front-running opponent in the BMW category.

"Officer Quinn Redeker, one of the finest motorcyclists in the country, was the first to sample our BMW rotors on a competition course, and we are honored to offer Chief Nick Obligacion and Officer Patrick Danipour, two top police motorcycle riders, the opportunity to compete with PureForge Harley-Davidson rotors," said Nathan K. Meckel, Co-founder, President and CTO of PureForge.