Mac Tools

Brake and engine tools developed to fill voids in the market place

Mac Tools, under their commitment to offer innovative repair tools and equipment, recently announced the launch of five new specialty products for technicians and shop owners.

"These five automotive tools were developed to fill a need that no other tool was doing properly," said Don Guillard, Mac Tools product manager, specialty tools and equipment. "Providing auto repair tools that meet the demanding everyday requirements of shop owners and technicians is what makes Mac Tools stand out in the crowd."

The new line-up of specialty products includes a brake spring tool (DBST1058), a brake spring plier (BST1058), a dashboard hammer (DBH6311), Air Comb filter cleaners (IPA8050, IPA8051, IPA8052 and IPA8053), and a Ford Triton Engine Insert Kit (39300).

The DBST1058 brake spring tool gives auto technicians a unique and more effective way of removing and reinstalling the small return springs on drum brakes, replacing the ineffective use of a screwdriver or needle nose pliers for this job. Additionally, the brake spring pliers (BST1058) give technicians a firm grip on the small retaining washers holding most brake shoes on rear brakes. These proprietary brake tools are both available now through Mac Tools distributors and franchisees.

Mac Tools' new DBH6311 dashboard hammer features ultra-soft, replaceable tips, offering a way to position textured interior parts, plastic panels or glass without damaging the surface. Its three-tip design, which features two tips on the hammer head and one on the handle end, provides longer reach capability than conventional hammers, making it highly effective for hard to reach applications such as trim replacement, interior component attachment and airbag service.

Another of Mac Tools' newest innovative automotive service tools is found in the new Air Comb filter cleaner products, which feature a focused, high-pressure output and long reach 90 degree airflow, allowing technicians to properly clean cylinder-style air filters, radiators and condensers for the first time.

Lastly, the new Ford Triton Engine Insert Kit allows technicians to replace damaged spark plug threads without the expense of removing the engine head. After application, the custom designed insert becomes a permanent part of the engine. The new kit is compatible with three-valve, 5.4L and 6.8L Ford Triton engines built before Oct. 9, 2007 and with three-valve, 4.6L Ford Triton engines built before Nov. 30, 2007.