PSI presents annual ThermALERT Athena Award to Utility Trailer Manufacturing

Pressure Systems International, manufacturer of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI with ThermALERT technology, presented Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company with their 2011 Athena Award on Friday, April 20 during the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association meeting held in Tuscon, AZ.  Present at the award ceremony from Utility Trailer were Steve Bennett, Vice President; Hal Bennett, President; Jeff Bennett, Vice President Engineering; Paul Bennett, Chairman and CEO; and Todd Bennett, Director of Finance.  PSI was represented by Tim Musgrave, President and CEO, Frank Sonzala, Executive Vice President and Steve Robinson, Director - OEM Sales & Dealer Programs

The Athena award is given by PSI each year to the company who does the most to promote the use of the ThermALERT technology. ThermALERT when included with MTIS warns vehicle operators of excessive heat buildup in the wheel end before it results in wheel loss, wheel-end failures, and possibly dangerous and costly trailer fires. MTIS by PSI is Utility's preferred automatic tire inflation system and the ThermALERT technology has been increasingly included in the specifications offering Utility customers an additional safety feature. As fleets have increasingly seen the early warning benefits of the ThermALERT technology, MTIS with this option now accounts for over fifty percent of PSI's production. 

During the award presentation Tim Musgrave President & CEO for PSI thanked Utility for championing the ThermALERT technology. "ThermALERT was developed to address the safety concern of possible wheel off situations due to heat buildup in the wheel end and we're very appreciative that Utility recognizes the benefits this technology offers their customers," he said. "Having a trailer manufacturer with Utility's reputation support this technology reinforces our belief in the advantages of this technology."