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Bartec introduces TPMS product training program

Bartec, a leader in TPMS tools and solutions announced their brand new product training program called TPMS TOP GUN.

Bartec is committed to building the confidence of their customers by improving their TPMS skills. According to Scot Holloway, Bartec CEO, "What better way to get confident with our Tech400SD tool, and TPMS in general, then by sending in one of our TPMS TOP GUNS to train and educate?"

According to Bartec, this training program is just an extension of their current product technical support and is designed to answer questions sooner rather than later. "TPMS exists in the real world, not just in some sales pitch, and our Top Guns know that better than anyone. They will be able to teach our tool users how to cope with TPMS," said Holloway.

The Bartec TPMS Top Gun Team consists of six TPMS professionals. Each Top Gun trainer has unique skills and TPMS experience ranging from product knowledge, aftermarket and repair knowledge to OE TPMS knowledge. Most importantly, they all have the ability to communicate the needed information to help tool owners gain the confidence needed to be successful in TPMS.

The class will cover basic concepts regarding the Tech400SD [how to set up and use] and how to work on cars. One third of this extensive training is hands-on. Before the class ends, all attendees will have performed TPMS re-learns and a test, before they can touch audit. Then to document what has been learned, there is a test and if successful, a certificate is awarded.

"This is a serious class aimed at making Bartec customers the very best in TPMS," according to Product Manager Michael Rose. Bartec has always been committed to helping our customers after the sale, and TPMS Top Gun is simply more evidence of that commitment. Included in the course is a Tool Workbook and support DVD. Please visit for more information and a list of our TPMS Top Gun Trainers.