Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations

Bridgestone Releases New Line of Environmentally Friendly Truck Tires

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS) offers its new Bridgestone Ecopia truck tire and Bandag FuelTech retread solution.

Specially engineered compounds paired with matching retread patterns promote an eco-friendly solution that continues optimal low rolling resistance from new Ecopia tire to FuelTech retread while extending casing life.

The Ecopia line includes the new R283 Ecopia steer, plus wide base single and conventional duals for drive and trailer positions, allowing fleets to outfit every axle for maximum fuel efficiency.

For fleets using duals, the new M710 Ecopia drive and R197 Ecopia trailer radials deliver outstanding fuel efficiency. This is achieved through proprietary Bridgestone compounds that lower rolling resistance for optimum fuel efficiency while preserving casing durability and retreadability. This is also true for the Greatec M835 Ecopia drive and Greatec R135 Ecopia trailer wide base singles.

Ecopia radials are EPA SmartWay verified and comply with CARB requirements.

Four new Bandag FuelTech retreads complement the Ecopia drive and trailer lineup by extending the casing advantages derived from Ecopia tires for excellent fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions – for added eco-friendly benefits.

Bridgestone Ecopia and Bandag FuelTech tires are designed for optimum low rolling resistance while maximizing removal mileage and retreadability – for a lower total cost of ownership.