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Snap-on announces Masters of Metal tour dates

With customized semi-trailers full of the latest and greatest Snap-on tools and equipment, the Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is on the road and heading to a city near you.  This interactive tour celebrates automotive service technicians as the "masters of their trade" and will provide these "masters" a hands-on experience with the newest and most exciting products Snap-on has to offer. 

"Every ounce of Snap-on metal is designed and engineered with exacting standards to be the number one brand of professional tools in the world – because our technician customers deserve it," said Yvette Morrison, vice president of marketing, Snap-on Tools Group. "With nearly a century of experience, market innovation and award-winning excellence, Snap-on has mastered the metal so techs can master their trade.

"The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is the perfect chance to see firsthand the latest innovations and hottest tool offerings from Snap-on. Our custom mobile marketing units are full of the newest Snap-on diagnostic and tool storage solutions, as well as power tools and hand tools that our customers can see and try for themselves."

The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour features state-of-the-art touch screen technology that will let Snap-on customers interact with engineering and design of the product. This will allow visitors to see firsthand how Snap-on tools are designed and manufactured. There will also be multiple displays that provide hands-on activities to see how various Snap-on tools work. This event provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with Snap-on representatives and learn about the tools and equipment that can help improve their productivity and efficiency.

The Snap-on Masters of Metal Tour is open to the public and is scheduled to stop at over 85 locations across the United States in 2012.

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