TCI awarded patent on tire tracking management tool for fleets

Tire Centers, LLC (TCI), industry leader in tires, service and technology, announced that they have received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Track My Tread. Track My Tread, which was introduced in 2010, is a unique asset tracking system designed to change the way fleets track tire assets, obtain information, and use that information to make sound business decisions. 

Track My Tread provides complete asset accountability, streamlined maintenance shop operations, automated inventory replenishment and true lifecycle costs. The patent was awarded for, "a system and method for managing a plurality of tires."

"We have devoted an extensive amount of effort in developing new and innovative solutions aimed at optimizing the tire management process for our customers," said Nate Kirian, Vice President of Marketing, TCi Tire Centers. "We have fully implemented our Track My Tread system with three new customers already in 2012, and based on the feedback that we have received from our customers using the system, it is clear that we have managed to address a major need in regard to perfecting the tire management process. Being awarded the patent for this product proves that we are able to offer our customers a solution that will be a game changer in the industry."

Track My Tread, TCi's proprietary fleet asset management system, is an online tool that allows the customer to see and control tire assets throughout their lifecycle. From purchase to repairs to retreading and even to the scrap pile, the customer has the visibility and control right at their fingertips. This enables the customer to have accurate reporting and a true total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of the tire.