Espar introduces E=MC maximum control family of heater controllers

Company offers Multi-Max F1000 for maximum sequence control and the Digi-Max D1000 for maximum user control.

  • Made the controls easier to operate, reducing the potential for driver error;
  • Added Descriptive Fault Code Messages, allowing them to help their drivers navigate service issues more quickly;
  • And, added a Programmable Low Voltage Shut-off to prevent unnecessary delivery delays by ensuring they don’t receive any early morning calls from drivers in need of a boost.
  • Maintenance Technicians that asked for improved guidance are sure to enjoy how the controller’s simplified menu allows them to more easily program the heater’s operating parameters, and how the depth and quality of information they can access permits a quicker and more accurate diagnosis of service issues, enabling them to get the heater running and truck back into service faster.

Fleet Managers are sure to appreciate the complete control the Digi-Max D1000 gives them over each and every aspect of their heaters’ operation, from the:

  • Maximum Run Time Limiter, and
  • Customized PM Schedule Alerts
  • Programmable Low-voltage Shut-off

The cumulative effect of these new features on these new controllers are a suite of Smart operational choices that deliver fleet wide productivity improvements and substantial bottom line benefits.

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