Espar introduces E=MC maximum control family of heater controllers

Company offers Multi-Max F1000 for maximum sequence control and the Digi-Max D1000 for maximum user control.

Espar Heater Systems iannounces the release of the E=MC Maximum Control Family of Heater Controllers.

These controllers were developed to meet customer demands for a wider variety of options in the controls of the popular range of Espar bunk heaters and engine pre-heaters. The Multi-Max F1000 serves the needs of the Hydronic line of Engine Coolant heaters and the Digi-Max D1000 serves the needs of the Airtronic D2/D4 bunk heaters.

The Multi-Max F1000 gives fleets something they’ve been wanting for years – complete control over their fleet’s pre-heat coolant heaters. Thanks to the Multi-Max F1000, no longer will you need to rely on your drivers to properly program and run their vehicle’s coolant heater.

By introducing a desktop programmer and a Micro SD card slot, the Multi-Max gives you tamper-proof control of every aspect of every heaters’ operating parameters based on each vehicle’s individual work schedule.

In less than five minutes, users will be able to program the heater to have:

  • As many as four distinct events per day, each with a different start and finish time, triggered on whatever day of the week that vehicle is in use;
  • As well as a High Temperature Disable set point;
  • A Maximum Manual Run-time;
  • A Low Voltage Disable set point;
  • Your preferred PM Interval;
  • And, an Exercise Scheduler.

Through the Micro SD card slot, those same settings can then be used to program one, or multiple vehicles heaters.

By taking the driver out of the programming process, running your coolant heaters means no more unnecessary idling, no more needless engine wear-and-tear, no more wasted time, and no more wasted fuel. With the Multi-Max F1000 as soon as your worker’s arrive on site, they’re guaranteed to climb into a warm, de-iced and work-ready vehicle.

Maintenance Technicians will value:

  • The controller’s diagnostic indicator, a tri-colored LED light with a simple flash code notifies drivers when the heater needs either routine or unscheduled attention, and how, once in the shop, that same flashing code tells them the fault code causing the problem, allowing them to quickly and more accurately diagnose the service issue and get the truck back into service faster.

Drivers are sure to appreciate:

  • The controller’s one-button on/off control with a maximum runtime pre-set by operations takes all uncertainty out of their heater’s operation;
  • The diagnostic indicator alerts them to service issues, and how, as soon as they arrive on site to start their shift, they have a vehicle that’s as work-ready as they are;
  • No lost settings if disconnected from power source;

The Digi-Max D1000 controller gives Drivers maximum control and after hearing from drivers that they’d like to see more real-time information, we added a larger display screen to accommodate things like a:

  1. Constant Heater Status Display
  2. Temperature Set Point with either Celsius or Fahrenheit options
  3. And, a Runtime Count-Down Clock

And by isolating problem shut-offs from routine shut-offs through:

  • A “Check Heater” indicator, and
  • Simplified Diagnostic Service Messages

The larger display screen allowed us to provide drivers with the second thing they asked for; peace of mind.

Driver Managers focused their requests on tools that would enhance their support value to their drivers, so we:

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