Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

Onspot announces factory expansion

Onspot of North America announces the expansion of its factory in North Vernon, Ind. Onspot had been planning to add to its existing 30,000 square foot facility when the building and property next door became available.

The company chose to purchase the three-acre parcel with its 7,400 square foot building. This will become Onspot’s storage warehouse. The additional space frees up the room required to add two more CNC machines that assist in the production of Onspot’s automatic tire chain systems.

Onspot of North America has been supplying automatic tire chain systems for the past 24 years to over 200 OEMS as a factory installed option and over 1,400 dealers throughout North America.

For more information, contact Onspot at 800-766-7768 or www.onspot.com.