Maverick Biofuels and TopLine Energy Systems announce joint technology development initative

Maverick Biofuels, a second-generation biofuels and bioplastics technology company, and TopLine Energy Systems (TES) , an advanced technology manufacturer of the PRISM a revolutionary breakthrough in on site/on demand gas clean up and synthetic fuel systems, today announce the formation of a joint technology development initiative to integrate TES’s PRISM plasma reactor technology and Maverick's novel thermo chemical process for the purpose of producing valuable transportation fuels and bio-plastics from locally available biomass and waste feedstocks. The project will concurrently demonstrate Maverick’s biomass to mixed-alcohol process while optimizing TES’s underlying technology chain.


Using low cost, non-food biomass and waste sources as feedstocks, TES technology will produce an ultra clean, reaction grade Synthesis gas which is then converted to a three to five chain carbon olefin intermediate using Maverick's novel thermochemical technology. The olefins are then processed into a variety of high-value products, including mixed-alcohol fuel, bio-plastics, and jet fuel.


"We are delighted to be working with TopLine to jointly advance our technologies," said Sam Yenne, CEO of Maverick Biofuels. "This initiative will allow Maverick and TES to develop and demonstrate a process for producing renewable chemicals and fuels for less cost than petroleum derived products."


TopLine will contribute its unique technology, infrastructure operating permits, and space at its Next Generation 275,000 sq ft Energy Efficient Manufacturing facility in Brooksville, Florida facility while Maverick will provide engineering and operational expertise towards the construction and operation of this facility.


"TopLine Energy Systems looks forward to working with the Maverick Team to help the USA clean up our waste while reducing the consumption of oil," said Chet Staron, CEO of TopLine Energy Systems." The integration of our technology through the collaboration with Maverick is destined to solve these two critical problems of our time."