Pointer Telocation

Cellocator launches CR200

Cellocator, a Pointer Telocation Division,, has launched its CR200 unit for offering a reliable yet affordable solution for Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery applications.

Cellocator, a leading Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology provider with more than 800,000 units installed in over 55 countries, has developed the CR200 to provide the market with a compact size entry level device for Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery applications. The device is available in two flavors, CR200 and CR200B, targeting large fleets, insurance and leasing companies. CR200 units are characterized by Cellocator’s high level of quality and are offered at a competitive price for large scale deployments. The CR200B is equipped with a built in rechargeable battery and GSM jamming detection algorithms for improved compliance with vehicle security applications. The devices are fully certified for automotive standards in accordance with EU and US directives.

“The introduction of CR200 answers the need of our customers in the fleet management sector, equipping them with compact quick to deploy units that provide a cost effective alternative for fleet management capabilities and stolen vehicle recovery applications,” said Noam Cimand, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cellocator. “Our customers have already ordered CR200 units, relying on our experience in the field and proven track record.”