Latest Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems technologies deliver safety and more to fleets

Company's developments extend legacy of helping fleets meet needs for safety and stopping power, actionable information, reliability and fuel economy.

Bendix continues the development of its groundbreaking PBS air injection technology for the commercial vehicle industry. The Bendix PBS Air Injection Booster is unlike any other product available on the market today. The PBS system is placed near the air intake manifold on an engine and monitors the Controller Area Network (CAN) for specific signals. Once the conditions for activation are met, the system injects compressed air from an auxiliary air tank into the engine manifold, delivering the desired amount of air that the diesel combustion processes require.

Typically, when a driver presses down on the throttle to demand acceleration, there is a delay in engine response because of turbo lag. This lag constitutes the time difference between acceleration demand and the maximum air delivery of the turbocharger. The Bendix PBS system overcomes turbo lag by instantaneously injecting the desired air into the intake manifold, allowing the turbocharger to spin up to its full capacity and take over the air delivery demands.

The pneumatically operated single-cylinder Bendix Turbo-Clutch Air Compressor works together with PBS air injection and the Bendix Electronic Air-Controlled Dryer (EAC) so that the compressor disengages during the portion of the duty cycle when no air is demanded. This greatly reduces power consumption from the engine and reduces fuel consumption. As a result of the reduced overall cycling, the life cycle of the compressor significantly increases, and normal wear and tear is dramatically reduced.

"The Bendix air management system is a central part of the ongoing effort by Bendix to improve vehicle performance by developing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions in the industry," McCollough said. "The system is an example of shared value. Cost savings from fuel and maintenance benefit fleets, and reduced emissions benefit all of us."


Safety, Plus Leadership

The number of Bendix solutions on the road attest to the company's leadership in meeting the needs of fleets. In 2011, the company released its one millionth Bendix ABS-6 braking system, which includes the standard antilock braking system, a premium system with Bendix Smart ATC (automatic traction control), and Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with ESP. A year earlier, Bendix delivered its 100,000th Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program system, marking a major milestone in highway safety solutions, and the numbers continue to grow.

"Those are just two examples of the leadership, the integrated solutions, and the passion for safety and innovation that Bendix brings to the industry," McAleese said. "But technology alone doesn't make the difference. Fleets are doing business in a rapidly evolving environment, with regulatory changes and the ever-changing physical needs of commercial vehicles. What matters is the availability of effective technology and solutions that address the needs of the commercial vehicle market. What matters is technology that helps to lessen the financial burden on the vehicle owners and improve the efficiency of the vehicles they operate. At Bendix, that's at the forefront of our approach."

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