Navistar presents Perdue Farms with Strategic Partnership Award

Companies collaborate to create ultra-lightweight tractor specification, state-of-the-art tractor trailer electronics integration.

The Diamond Logic in-cab electrical system provides Perdue with a number of unique programming options not previously available, including the ability to raise an auger boom as high as 40'. Trucks are now programmed to have visual and audible alarms any time the truck is moved with the boom out of the saddle.

PTO controls are now set to prevent shock load to PTO and transmission, with the driver required to use the clutch to engage the PTO 100 percent of the time. While Perdue initiated other redesigns to their PTO pump hydraulic set up, the Diamond Logic controls have helped reduce failures in the system from as high as 75 percent to less than 10 percent per year. Perdue now believes its hydraulic pump might out-live the truck itself without failure.

Performance and efficiency of the hydraulic system has allowed Perdue to run at lower RPM speed for PTO operation, which saves substantial amounts of fuel. By having the flexibility to fine tune the programming for engine RPM with PTO running along with allowances for engine surge, feed can be unloaded more quickly with little driver intervention and maximum fuel efficiency.

"At Perdue, we've made major advances and investments in projects that support our commitment to environmental stewardship, such as the installation of one of the largest commercially owned solar power systems in the eastern U.S., a biogas-to-energy project in Kentucky and a biomass burning installation in our North Carolina soybean processing plant," said Steve Schwalb, vice president of environmental sustainability. "However, we're also committed to exploring every step in our supply chain to identify opportunities for small improvements, which when multiplied, yield significant advances in reducing our carbon footprint. The environmental benefits gained with our truck fleet are a perfect example of that."

"By partnering with an innovative fleet like Perdue, we've been successful bringing unique solutions that raise the bar in meeting customer expectations," said Stu Barr, dealer principle, Barr International Trucks.

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