Purchase rebates still available for anti-idling equipment

Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP) still has money available to provide rebates.

The program provides incentives of up to 20 percent of the installed price or to a maximum set according to the specific type of equipment. APUs or generator sets configured to operate on plug-in power, for example, are eligible for up to $2,000 in rebates each. For other types of equipment, the maximums are: battery HVAC systems, $1,600; battery evaporative cooler systems, $700; thermal storage systems, $260; and truck cold plate systems, $3,200.

STEP rebates are open to individual owner-operators and to fleets.

Participants must apply for the rebates and receive approval before having the equipment installed. Applications can be filled out online or through a paper form, at http://www.csswebform.org/WebForm/TSE_home.aspx For a listing of approved equipment and suppliers, go to http://www.csswebform.org/WebForm/Supplier_list.aspx

For information on other Cascade Sierra Solutions incentive programs, go to http://www.cascadesierrasolutions.org.

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