SOLUS Air Conqueror Series wheel cavity cover now compatible with all wheel types

SOLUS LLC the largest supplier of truck trailer aerodynamics on the East Coast is now offering their Air Conqueror Series Wheel Cavity Cover. This unique design is compatible with all wheel types including Super Singles and Doubles. The donut shaped patent pending design provides not only the ability to visually inspect the lug nuts, oil cap, axle hub and air valves but also allows for a hands on inspection along with providing ample air flow to the braking system. SOLUS' Wheel Cavity Covers were designed to meet the needs of drivers and maintenance staff by reducing inspection time and allowing unrestricted access to the wheel well.

The Air Conqueror Series Wheel Cavity Cover is EPA verified at 1.3 percent fuel savings as demonstrated by the Smartway modified SAE J1321 fuel consumption test procedure. By combining real world testing with controlled on-track testing SOLUS' is able to offer the only EPA Verified, Smartway Approved, and DOT approved Wheel Cavity Cover on the market.

SOLUS' Air Conqueror Series of products are Made in the USA of rugged Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene designed to operate in any environment. SOLUS' Wheel Cavity Cover is offered with unique mounting configurations that are specified to a customers application. These flexible mounting options allow the Wheel Cavity Covers to be compatible with any commercial wheel.

SOLUS' Wheel Cavity Covers are priced at $200.00 per set of four for use on both tractor and trailer. They are EPA verified at 1.3 percent per set with a conservative estimated savings of $60.00 per 10,000 miles of use. They can be combined with one of the 14 different configurations of the SOLUS Split Skirt, which are EPA verified at 4.2 percent to 5.9 percent. To gain the greatest fuel savings The Wheel Cavity Covers can be utilized on both the tractor and trailer along with a Split Side Skirt for an estimated savings greater than 8 percent. All SOLUS products are able to be color matched to suite the needs our customers.