One million miles logged on Western Star Truck

Western Star announced that long-time owner/operators Bill and Robyn Taylor have logged more than one million miles with their 2007 Western Star4900EX truck.

Leased to FedEx Ground and hauling across the United States, the Enfield, Conn.-based Taylors credit the quality and durability of Western Star for their longevity.

"The moment I watched our truck roll off Western Star's factory floor, everything about it has been perfect," said Bill Taylor. "The craftsmanship and attention to detail is impeccable, and has done nothing but increase the value of our business."

Purchased in 2006 with the help of Western Star District Manager Steve Kincade, the Taylor's truck features almost all of its original equipment, including the brakes. Performing regular maintenance and service intervals as required, the Taylor's have only replaced the front springs and shocks throughout the last five years on the road.

Averaging more than 5,000 miles per week, the Taylor's 4900EX is equipped with a 470 hp, 14L Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. The truck's 12,000 pound front suspension and 40,000 pound rears, coupled with a 13-speed Eaton UltraShift transmission help the Taylor's effortlessly haul double trailers throughout the U.S.

"This truck is as solid as the day I bought it. I've never had to worry about one piece of equipment. The Series 60 engine continues to produce great fuel mileage despite the less than favorable highway road conditions we experience," said Taylor.

Taylor also notes that Western Star's dealer network and customer service, especially Midway Truck Service in Bethel, PA, have played an integral role in the longevity of his 4900EX.

"Not only do Western Star dealers practice what they preach, they've included us in the research and development of Western Star trucks, and it shows," said Taylor. "We've always had an open and honest relationship with Steve, and he's responded in every way."

In addition to the truck's reliable equipment, Taylor also notes that the roomy and quiet interior has made traveling more than a million miles enjoyable.

Featuring an 82" Stratosphere sleeper, the 4900EX includes a single bunk, refrigerator and adequate storage for life on the road. And despite sharing their cab with two German Shepherd travel companions, the Taylors's have more than enough space and comfort.

"Every detail of the interior was considered when building this truck, from the cab design and detail to the eye level dashboard and gauge package," said Taylor. "When you're on the road as much as we are, every detail matters."

Taylor continued: "My relationship with Western Star, in addition to the quality and durability of their products has made me more profitable than I ever imagined. From ordering the truck to driving, it's been like a magic carpet ride. There is pride in owning a Western Star truck, and I'm happy to be a part of this elite group."