DPL America launches universal CAN Bus telematics solution

DPL America, a leading provider of advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies, announced today the release of CAN Bus functionality for its Titan Equipment Monitoring System.  The Titan is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of off road equipment, as well as over the road trucks, to increase productivity while reducing fleet costs.  Newly minted CAN Bus features include remote access to and real time delivery of diagnostic fault codes, fuel consumption, idle vs. work time analysis, engine direct hour meter/odometer readings as well as temperatures and pressures. 

The Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows managers to wirelessly monitor all their assets continually and accurately from a robust, Internet based software package.  The CAN Bus integration now empowers fleet owners to remotely receive engine data across multiple brands, directly from their properly equipped machines and larger trucks. This data includes fault codes which are wirelessly transmitted and archived on the software for remote asset diagnosis from any Internet connected device; thus eliminating the need for an investigative trek to the asset. Additional machine data includes fuel burn, engine runtime hours, idling hours, and RPM. These production metrics are utilized to properly assess working time and curb excessive idle time, which negatively impact fuel consumption, asset wear, service costs and warranty.  Threatening machine health conditions such as critical lamp statuses, temperatures and pressures are transmitted in real time by the Titan so corrective action may be taken to prevent a catastrophic failure.

"For our mixed OEM fleet customers the Titan captures and wirelessly reports consistent data across their varied assets, including trucks, at a fraction of the cost of the current industry standard," said Tony Nicoletti, director of Sales and Business Development at DPL America.  "Telematics is a powerful tool for effective fleet management, however unique factory installed systems and the deluge of CAN Bus data end up creating more work for the equipment owner.  In the Titan, we have streamlined that process by delivering pertinent fleetwide information through a single interface and automated reports."

"For our OEM and dealer partners, the CAN Bus enhancement empowers them to service their customers with real time asset health and remote diagnostic capabilities. The concept of diagnosing an asset in the field without having to send a technician is now a reality," added Nicoletti. "This adds tremendous value to service contracts as well as the product support and development cycle."